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Taken from the meaning of its name, Gatelier is a collaborative artist workshop where skilled artisans and craftsman come together to create functional brass sculptures reminiscent of our past, our current fervor or classical forms. 

Through proprietary hand carving techniques, we are able to achieve a rich, luxurious hand feel that transcends the piece and connect you with the artist touch. And with time-honored techniques from sculptors and jewelry artist, we strive to retain the most subtle details and fine texture on the final casting. 


Every piece from our collection is hand casted in brass then polished and shaped by hand. More than a dozen craftsmen contributes to the beauty and uniqueness of the final piece. With our heart in timeless legacy and

enduring techniques, and our eyes on the horizon, our solid brass casting is finished in titanium gold and palladium silver using modern technology. The results are beautiful l'object d'arts that are functional yet striking.